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Wrinkle Redeaux Lash Relonge Evaporte Brow Relonge Vericoz Lebrillenc

The French have a saying: “Beauty may be found everywhere, but it belongs to the French”.
Beauté de Paris and the French skin care industry have developed beauty products that maintain and enhance women’s beauty. No avenue has been left unexplored. Longer eye lashes - real eyelash growth with Lash Relongé, more defined, thicker eyebrows from Brow Relongé, Evaporate the dark circles under your eyes with Evaporté for Women or Evaporté for Men, glowing skin from our skin brightener Lébrillénċ, and younger skin with reduced wrinkles and fine lines with Wrinkle Redeaux or eliminate them in an instant with Instanté.

Beauté de Paris has finally opened their North American offices in New York, America’s skin care capital, bringing Paris’ beauty products and skin care secrets to your home. The ingredients which comprise the Beauté de Paris beauty products line are carefully chosen to assure purity, freshness, and maximum impact. Natural, beautiful, luxurious, and clinically tested to prove how well they work.
For instantly smoother skin that will show immediately and endure, or to glamourize and brighten your skin, fade age spots, or for longer, more luxurious lashes with wonderful eyelash growth , Beauté de Paris has the answer within their doors. Staffed by some of the world’s most talented skin care specialists, beauty experts and publishers of international beauty magazines Beauté de Paris is ready to bring these French secrets to you.
In North America, Beauté de Paris is sold through its New York headquarters and assures the same perfection expected from these beauty products sold in France, indeed throughout Europe. The ingredients used to manufacture Beauté de Paris’ products are always of the highest standard, manufactured from the finest quality, high-end ingredients, which are delivered from approved laboratories to our climate controlled showrooms, to our warehouses located within throwing distance of New York’s Kennedy airport, so it reaches your doorstep in pristine condition, as fresh as possible.
You may wish to travel to Paris to purchase beauty products of this quality, but thanks to Beauté de Paris, there is no need. Spoil yourself and look years younger with Beauté de Paris. So please review the products herein for renewed eyelash growth , brighter, lighter skin below the eyes, under-eye circles and bags removed, More defined, cleaner, thicker eyebrows , reduced wrinkles and fine lines, and glowing, brighter skin.
As the French say, “Demain est trop important d’attendre!“
Translation: Tomorrow is too important to wait for!