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Winter Blahs Lead To Winter Weight!

There is an actual condition known as winter fatigue, clinically named “seasonal affective disorder” (SAD). It results in depression, slowness of circulation, and weight gain. Some scientists have linked this to a drop in serotonin levels due to the shorter daytime hours. Unfortunately, this condition can remain with us through the spring & summer months as well unless we take an active role in changing our habits. Obviously, exercise is important but such easy procedures as contrast showers where you alternate hot and cold water always ending on cold are a great way to get your metabolism moving. Here are some other easy-to-follow ideas to wake up your metabolism and get you back into a healthy lifestyle!

Eat less and start using helpful supplements:
Many of the ills you feel may not be the result of not getting enough of the right vitamins, but getting too many calories, good or bad. Scientists are looking into this link and many have found one that shows many of the increases in cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions is a result of too many calories. Therefore portion control is essential in getting your body to feel its best. There are many products on this website that can assist you in helping your body fight the need to consume calories. MetaboSpeed may be right with its mix of ingredients that give a caffeine-like boost to your system.

If you are not making healthy choices when you eat, herbs and supplements can be important aids to wake you out of your winter slumber. There are various differences in herbal medicine, the main one being an adaptive herb or a restorative herb. An adaptive is defined as an herb that helps the body through a time of stress and which has a balancing effect on body function. A restorative is defined as an herb that brings a person back to normal vigor. Below are your best bets for adaptive and restorative herbs.

Green tea
Green tea is a mild stimulant. It has been shown to improve cognitive performance, which is the mental process of thinking, learning, remembering, and judging. Improving cognitive performance helps us shake off the mental dullness that comes with fatigue. A study was conducted on eight male patients, where each consumed four different hot beverages, one of which was green tea. After drinking the beverages the men completed nine tests of mental function. The researchers observed that the men who had taken green tea had significantly faster reaction times and their ability to successfully complete the mental tests increased.

Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)
Studies have shown that Siberian ginseng has anti-fatigue and anti-stress effects. A study on middle-aged people found that Siberian ginseng improves cognitive performance.

Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng)
Korean ginseng has been used in Asia for several thousand years as an adaptive and a restorative agent. It has been used to treat chronic fatigue, nervous disorders, forgetfulness, confusion and decreased libido. Animal studies have shown that Korean ginseng has tonic effects on physically and/or mentally fatigued subjects. Studies have also shown that Korean ginseng has a restorative effect on the heart, central nervous system, hormonal system (endocrine), metabolism and the immune system.

Cola nut
Cola nut has been shown to be effective for short-term relief of mental and physical fatigue. It has also been shown to be effective in relieving those in depressive states, especially those associated with general muscle weakness, melancholy and exhaustion.

For more tips on helping with fatigue, visit this column every week or call our offices at 888-LOOK NICE (888.566.5642).

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